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Crystals are perhaps one of Mother Natures most beautiful offerings. Prized not only for their beauty but for their energetic and healing properties as well. They are known as the Earth's record keepers and have been worked with as tools for divination and healing since ancient times.

Sacred Adornment is created using natural, Earth made crystal, in harmonizing energetic combinations, and strung on silk thread. Each necklace is made with love and the intention of manifesting healing in the wearer.



The stone of love, Rose Quartz opens the portal to love of all kinds, self love and love of others. It gently guides the wearer to loving kindness and compassion

holy, sacred, protective, healing

Turqouise has an ancient history as a revered gemstone. It’s perhaps the longest used of all gemstones, valued for not only it’s beauty but also for its powers of protection and healing. For thousands of years, Turquoise has spanned all cultures, prized as a symbol of wisdom, nobility and the power of immortality, it connects us with spiritual wisdom. Turquoise aids in truth-seeking, communication, and manifestation of expansion.

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