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Tia Tuenge, is renaissance woman in the true sense of the word. A Transformational Coach,  teacher, Reiki & crystal healer, 250 YTT, scholar of ancient feminine history, gatherer of women, creator of sacred space, maker of sacred objects, and ceramic artist. 

Her work spans a wide array of mediums.

I am a devoted seeker, explorer of the infinite, Transformational Coach, gatherer of women, creator of sacred space and scholar of ancient feminine history. I've been sharing, teaching, mentoring and hosting sacred gatherings and women’s circles for almost twenty years. I have spent decades studying history, religion and philosophy, bringing a wealth of knowledge and experience to my coaching clients and healing sessions, as well as the gatherings I design and host. I incorporate my love of the sacred feminine, Council, ceremony & ritual, drumming-meditation/journeying, sacred sound, crystal healing and my expertise in the secret history of women into all that I do to create unique and magical experiences that uplift women and reminds them of their beauty and sovereignty.

As a designer and maker of sacred objects I am guided by intuition and Source in combining elements into talisman to be used as sacred adornment for the body and home, or as ceremonial and ritual objects. 

I am a Council facilitator trained at the Ojai Foundation, am certified in yin, restorative yoga + Astanga Vinyasa-250 YTT from Bhakti Yoga Shala , am a certified reiki 2 practitioner, and a certified crystal healer.


Some thoughts on the art of sacred living:

The art of sacred living will mean different things to different people, there are many layers to creating a sacred life. For me those layers include and are not limited to; home, beauty, freedom, time, nature, the mystical, wild, family, friends, yoga, mystery, learning, exploration, connecting to the spirit world. 


I set clear intentions and create firm boundaries in my life that support and prioritize what feels important to me. To me, this is the Art of Sacred Living; fluid, expansive, beautiful. And sometimes messy requiring adjustment and flexibility.


Ultimately, I aspire to live a rich and full life, surrounded by beauty, those I love and with the time to explore what inspires me, and to share my gifts and be of service to others. When I arrive at the end of this particular journey I want to feel that it was a life well lived with minimal regrets. This means avoiding the should's and leaning into what feels good, and embracing my sovereignty.

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