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Apatite is a stone of empowerment, heightening self-awareness and activating will power.



Apatite :: Community + Self-Awareness + Psychic Activation + Auric Cleansing | third eye chakra | element Wind

Apatite calls you to be part of a community, to bring the planet into love and harmony, protecting everyone and everything.

It will activate your intuition and is a cleansing influence on the auric field focusing on clearing and stimulating the third eye chakra. It’s an excellent stone for dream work and astral travel; keep it under your pillow when you sleep. Its energy is very uplifting, it’s a profoundly spiritual crystal.


Aquamarine :: Calming + Enlightenment + Spiritual Awareness | throat chakra | element Water

Aquamarine evokes the ancient and life giving energies of the sea and is a doorway to communication with the Goddess. Aquamarine assists in activating the throat chakra, and assists in communicating our highest truth. It has a deeply cleansing energy and stimulates the flow of energy and communication from the heart, opening us to a deeper spiritual awareness. It can assist in releasing what no longer serves. It’s also highly connected to the Moon and to the element of water, and is the traditional birthstone for Pisces.


54 hand knotted Apatite beads with Aquamarine and 14k gold accent beads, strung on light blue silk thread. 

Hangs approx: 15"

Sacred Self-Awareness Necklace

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