The ART of SACRED LIVING... I’ve given this a lot of thought, for me the idea of living a sacred life evolved from my desire to simply be happy and it grew to include all that it entails for me to create a meaningful, inspiring, impassioned life.


I’m highly motivated by the idea of freedom. Freedom to pursue my passions, to spend my time as I please, to have enriching relationships, to think outside of the box, etc. 


I’m deeply inspired by beauty. I believe John O’Donohue got it right when he said “beauty is not a luxury, it ennobles the heart and reminds us of the infinity that is within us.” (Listen to him discuss beauty with Krista Tippett on the Inner Landscape of Beauty, SO inspiring and uplifting).


My soul is stirred by ritual. Slowing down, noticing, creating meaningful practices that serve to remind me of a deeper nature that resides within us all. 


When I carve out time to slow down, to meditate with tea, to create in my studio, to read to my husband, to take a yoga class, to go for a walk in nature, I feel more alive and it’s this aliveness that I’m compelled to share. The more I slow down and focus inward, the more my exterior life reflects how I feel inside. The secret interior space is where all the magic happens for me and that’s what I want to share with you and with the world. 

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