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What would it feel like to be living a life you absolutely loved?

A life that feels deeply meaningful, where you feel connected to yourself, your community, to nature, and to Spirt?


One in which you feel vibrant, energized and truly alive?

That life is possible and it's waiting for you.

I am passionate about helping you create your very best life!

All things are possible! 

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Let us gather together in sacred, wild sisterhood to explore our Wild Woman nature, to sing our flesh back onto our bones and support one another in unleashing our feminine power.

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I believe that it's possible for everyone to live a life they truly love and that it's hard to get there without a little help along the way. 

After spending decades studying a wide variety of personal and spiritual growth modalities, as well as multiple forms of energy healing practices and using them to design a life I can honestly say I truly love, I am poised to help others do the same.

Are you wondering if you’re on the right path? Do you want change in your life but seem to be stuck actually creating that change? Have you struggled to create a life that's filled with passion and that brings you joy? Are you living your soul’s purpose? 

If any of these questions resonate with you I’m here to help you gain clarity and develop the tools, techniques and practices you need to create a life you truly love living filled with purpose, passion and joy.  

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~ Join us August 3rd 2024 ~


A one day retreat to reconnect

with your sacred self

on beautiful Whidbey Island!

Go HERE for the details

My Journal
The art of sacred living 

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