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The art of sacred living is meaningful, soulful living, it’s a practice that asks us to look inward, to cultivate our intuition and to tap into our higher, soulful selves, to work at mastering our thoughts, examine how and with whom we spend our time, the environment in which we live, and much more. It’s a joyful practice. It’s a challenging practice, and ultimately a very rewarding practice that will transform your life.


I am passionate about helping women create lives they love and use a variety of proven methods that includes Transformational Coaching, spiritual mentorship, clarity readings, and a variety of energy healing modalities including Reiki, crystals, and sound.

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Community + connection to self. 

Sound has been used for healing and exploring our inner landscape since time immemorial, it has the ability to align our energy field with the vibration of Mother Earth and the Cosmos. When our energy is coherent and flowing smoothly, we are guided along our Soul's path with ease and grace.

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Tea Ceremony is a deeply meditative practice that connects you to your interior landscape as well as connecting you to the Earth, the elements, and the leaf. It's a way of slowing time down and anchoring to the present moment in a profound way.

It is my great honor to share this ancient and beautiful practice with you, available privately one-on-one or as a group.

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Community + connection to others.

Ritual Circle is a celebration of the divine feminine, of the goddess in all of us. It’s a place to explore our connection with the magic of the Moon, with our feminine power, and to connect and share on a deep and sacred level with other women.

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