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Creating a clear and powerful vision for the world.

I just returned from my beautiful new house on Whidbey Island. It’s everything I hoped it would be and more, and besides my daughter and my husband it’s the biggest thing I’ve ever manifested, and it took much more time than the aforementioned, lol.

The idea entered my consciousness almost two decades ago and became a real possibility when in 2015 my uncle decided to sell 3 acres of land. Three years of intense manifesting to acquire the land, I have a specific process, and another three years through design, permitting and construction to completion. I share this story for two reasons, first, it’s now available to share with you. It’s magical and you will love it! Second, I drove from Los Angeles so I had a lot of time to think and listen to podcasts.

Margaret Atwood was a guest on The Ezra Klien podcast, she’s brilliant and so inspiring, the kind of person that really makes you think. Their conversation covered a range of very interesting topics but one thing really struck me was that the state of our country is the result of lack of inspiring vision.

That got me thinking, I’ve been a masterful manifestor for my own life yet in hadn’t occurred to me until now that I haven’t created a clear vision for the world. To be honest I’ve developed the habit of reading the NY Times with my morning coffee, the result of which is that I have developed a somewhat pessimistic vision of the state of the world without much hope for the future, which interestingly isn’t that upsetting to me, which feel pretty out of character, I've thought that well, we're getting exactly what we've sown and that seems about right. This is a lazy perspective, so easy to ride the dominant collective consciousness wave.

Why not make another choice? I've decided to do just that, to be more intentional for the big picture, dreaming up a world that's healthy, and loving, with thoughtful, generous people just as interested in our fellow humans as we are in ourselves.

If we agree that we are creative beings, and I think if you’ve subscribe to my newsletter you believe that we are, then we recognize our power to create, to manifest, and that means we do have the power to create an inspired vision for our world.

Let’s start the conversation, spend some time imaging, and create a clear and bright vision and together.

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