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“To find the Wild Woman, it is necessary for women to return to their instinctive lives, their deepest knowing. So, let us push on now, and remember ourselves back to the Wild Woman soul. Let us sing her flesh back onto our bones. Shed any false coats we have been given. Don the true coat of powerful instinct and knowing. Unfurl the bandages, ready the medicine. Let us return now, wild women howling, laughing, singing up The One who loves us so.”

From Women Who Run With the Wolves

by Clarissa Pinkola Estés

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Let us gather together in sacred, wild sisterhood to explore our Wild Woman nature, to sing our flesh back onto our bones and support one another in unleashing our feminine power.

It is my intention to hold sacred space for you, to create a platform for stepping into your power and to cultivate reverence for your feminine splendor.

We gather in Council, experience heart and mind opening rituals, and use creative exercises to explore what it means to embody our Wild Woman nature.


Join me for an evening of connection and exploration.

We gather on the 3rd Thursday of the month


RSVP via email Tia


to reserve your seat at the circle

2024 Schedule

Wishing you a blessed and magical summer

I look forward to connecting with you in September. 

Sept 19th

Oct 17th

Nov 14th

Dec 19th

About Council

What is Council? 

There is something magical, mystical even, about sitting in a circle, rooted to mother earth, where a sacred container has been summoned to hold you tenderly and with love.

The first time I sat in Council I was blown away, the impact of the process was so profound for me that I knew the experience would be the beginning of a new way of life, a passionate life long journey to hold sacred space for others. 


Growing up in a very loud, talkative family did not enhance my listening skills, in fact if you ever wanted to say something you were going to have to interrupt, everyone talked over everyone, desperate to be heard with no one listening at all. 

Sitting in Council was my first experience of listening deeply from the heart, not thinking about how I wanted to respond or how the person speaking story related to me, just listening with my entire being, and trusting that I too would be truly heard, perhaps for the first time in my life.


That was many years ago and I’m still passionate about Council, it’s through this process that I create and hold sacred space for women.


I’m often asked what Council is and I must confess I find it hard describe in words exactly what it is. A standard answer might be; Council is a practice of open, heartfelt expression and attentive listening, and it is that, yet so much more.


It is very rare to be heard in this manner and this quality of listening provides a mysterious spark for authentic and deep sharing. I have witnessed otherwise stoic people brought to tears by the heartfelt stories of others, as well as deeply private people compelled to share their sacred truths. The process of Council is deeply healing on a soul level.


So what is Council...? I would describe it as an ancient and sacred form of coming together to share, to clarify, to cultivate deep understanding. It is a means for meaningful connection, for resolving conflict in a compassionate and empathetic way, for building consensus, it’s a catalyst for creating positive change in our world, and so much more.


We could talk about what Council is and try our best to convey its mysteries until the end of time but the only way you will really know what Council is, is to experience it.


If you’re intrigued and/or looking for meaningful connection and sacred sisterhood join a Wild Woman gathering.

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