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Sound has been used for healing and exploring our inner landscape since time immemorial, it has the ability to align our energy field with the vibration of Mother Earth and the Cosmos. When our energy is coherent and flowing smoothly, we are guided along our Soul's path with ease and grace.


Sacred Sound Ceremony is held in a beautiful, luxurious outdoor garden setting. Using breathwork, crystals, and a gentle Reiki infused sound bath, you will be guided into a state of deep relaxation and inner peace. Followed by heart opening tea ceremony.

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Sound Bath Ceremonies are open to all genders

Stay tuned for Summer gatherings on Whidbey Island.



& RSVP via email Tia

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In the heart of every woman beats the longing to sit with her sisters, to connect deeply and share her joys, fears and her dreams, in a safe space that welcomes vulnerability. In ancient times the unfettered magic of the sacred feminine flowed freely and women gathered in Sacred Circle to celebrate this. 


Ritual Circle is a celebration of the divine feminine, of the goddess in all of us. It’s a place to explore our connection with the magic of the Moon, with our feminine power, and to connect and share on a deep and sacred level with other women.

It is my intention to hold sacred space for you, to create a platform for stepping into your power and to cultivate reverence for your feminine splendor.

We gather in Council, experience heart and mind opening rituals, and use creative exercises to explore our inner goddess. Ritual Circle will remind you of who you truly are; an earthly expression of the divine, of the Goddess, you are magnificent.


Join me for an evening of connection, ceremony, breathwork and Reiki infused sound bath. 

Stay tuned for Summer gatherings on Whidbey Island.



& RSVP via email Tia

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Tea is a plant teacher, a spirit of Nature, manifested through this Leaf and awakened by hot water. When we meet tea in ceremony we are provided the opportunity to connect deeply with Nature, with the leaf, the tree from which it came, the soil, and all the elements present in ceremony, and with the truest parts of ourself. The tea can provide an opening into our mystical nature, it has transformative powers. And it is beautifully simple.

Tea Ceremony Meditation- Experienced one on one or with a group.

Retreat or Workshop Setting -Tea is a wonderful addition to a retreat or workshop. It's a beautiful way to begin the day or activity with intention and presence and can set the tone for mindful connection.

To discuss the possibilities for a private or group tea ceremony contact Tia by email.


Let me design and facilitate a Sound Bath Ceremony or Ritual Circle for you and your people.

I am passionate about creating beautiful, intimate gatherings that incorporate Council, ceremony, ritual, sound healing, and Reiki, designed for deep and lasting connection and understanding.

If gathering with your friends, family or co-workers in a unique and sacred way sounds like the perfect way to come together you've come to the right place.

The possibilities are endless and every gathering is designed to accommodate your unique group. I look forward to creating a beautiful, one of a kind gathering for you.


Contact Tia to discuss your custom gathering.

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