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I believe that it's possible for everyone to live a life they truly love and that it's hard to get there without a little help along the way. 

I have created a tried and true program, designed for total transformation. These are methodologies I've developed for over a decade and the ones I used to transform my own life from obligatory ‘shoulds’ to freedom, ease and joy.


They utilize modern brain science and the technology of neuroplasticity along with spiritual and creative practices for total transformation.

Real change takes both commitment and time. I have found that much transformation can take place over a three month period and for that reason I offer coaching in twelve week sessions. 

Are you ready to change your life?

Are we a good fit?

Transformational Coaching
Reki + Cryrsal Healing



Reiki, crystal and sound healing are forms of vibrational medicine that are not only deeply relaxing, they also activate the parasympathetic nervous system relieving stress as well as balancing one's energy systems; etheric, astral and causal.

Everyone knows that reducing stress has a very beneficial impact on one's health, less well known is the importance of maintaining balance in the energetic systems. It is believed that all disease and dis-ease begins there.

I incorporate crystals, sound healing, essential oils, and gem elixirs into my Reiki sessions.

What does a healing session look like? Sessions are in person and similar to massage, except clothing stays on.

Healing sessions are in person in my Mar Vista studio. ​

One hour $250

"I don't remember the last time I felt so light and free in my body. You really helped move and release so much. I definitely need to do Reiki and bowls more often with you".

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