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I have created a tried and true program, The Art of Sacred Living, designed for total transformation. These are the methodologies I've developed for over a decade and used to transform my own life from obligatory ‘shoulds’ to freedom and ease.


These methods utilize modern brain science and the technology of neuroplasticity along with spiritual and creative practices for total transformation.

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I am a certified Reiki practitioner and crystal healer. Both Reiki and crystal healing are forms of vibrational medicine that are not only deeply relaxing, they also activate the parasympathetic nervous system relieving stress as well as balancing the bodies energy systems.

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The Visionary Life Workshop was all I expected and more. It provide me a flexible framework and tools for visualizing what I want for my life along with easy to follow steps that are kind, easy to digest, and non-judgmental of where I am right now.


Now that I am looking at life differently, it seems more in focus and less rushed, it is truly a wonderful program that I am recommending to everyone!!!

- Alana Bell


The Visionary Life Workshop gave me the tools to start my own business. After being stuck for so long, I was so surprised at the ease everything came to me. I will use the tools for setting and achieving my goals for the rest of my life. 

- Christen Moses


When I started the Visionary Life workshop I had just started a new job and was feeling a little insecure. Throughout the course of the workshop I was set on a path of positive thoughts and affirmations that began to change my thinking.  I was also given invaluable tools for goal setting and journaling that created momentum and action.  Thanks to this workshop I was able to create lasting changes and realized I was already living my dream life!! 

-Shannon Kim


Tia is a living example of someone who sets her mind and heart to accomplish her goals and is doing it. She helped jump-start some areas of stagnancy in my life and helped to give me a bright and positive outlook on what’s to come. The course material and suggested reading were educational and inspiring, and the group dynamic was warm and inviting. Thanks for giving me the tools to realize what my ideal life can be.

- Jonni Swensen


The Visionary Life Workshop gave me a clear path to get out of the 'rut' I had surrounded myself with.  The guided methods helped my true dreams appear to me along with obtainable goals to achieve levels of happiness I had never allowed myself realistically to imagine. I found that the workshop inspired self-empowerment along with an avenue to acquire like-minded personal relationships. I plan to continue with the coaching toward a better me.

- Lisa Desrocher