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Fresh Food, Fresh Start

Cleansing in January has been my ritual for more than a decade. Over the years I've tried many different cleanses and it all began with Kathy Freston's book Quantum Wellness. In the introduction she poses the question, I'm paraphrasing here I read it a long time ago, lol, 'when someone asks you how you are what would it take for you to be able to honestly answer amazing on every level?' How are you? Do you feel amazing?

If you asked me that today I couldn't honestly answer I'm amazing. I've been plagued with a shoulder injury for more than a year now and wow, its impacted every aspect of my life, from chronic pain, to sleep deprivation, to weigh gain. When I don't get enough sleep for a prolonged period of time I crave simple carbs and sugar to get me through my day. Of course this is actually counter productive, but it's the merry go around I find myself on and let me tell you sugar is my Achilles heal! I'm a true addict and it's a hard habit to break! I have to go cold turkey, which the habit of cleansing helps with. As Hippocrates said "Let food be thy medicine" and so I'm cleansing.

A cleanse doesn't have to be complicated just stick with whole foods only, no processed anything, and try to keep it organic. For a first time cleanser I recommend keeping it simple with the Quantum Cleanse: no animal products, i.e. vegan, no gluten, no sugar, caffeine or alcohol. That can seem daunting for a first time cleanser so if that's the case for you read Kathy's book, she gives loads of support.

I'm keeping it simple this year myself. I like to start the day with this green smoothie, which I make in a big batch:

1 bunch of kale

1 cucumber

2-4 sticks of celery

1 banana

1 cup'ish pineapple

1 cup'ish kiwi

1-1/2 ginger root

1-1/2 turmeric rood

1 Tbs'ish chia seeds

1 Tbs'ish hemp seeds

Wash and chop kale, add it to the blender, I prefer the Vitamix, add approximately three inches of water, blend on low. When it's mashed up a bit add the rest and blend until smooth. You can add more water to get the consistency you like.

*I don't add ice in the winter, it's not good to consume anything too cold at this time of year.

This smoothie might take some getting use to, my husband says it's an acquired taste, lol, but it gives you your total greens intake for the day so any other veggies you eat are a bonus. I think it's delicious! One more thing, you can switch out the fruit, experiment with what you like best.

If you want to really go crazy make a fresh fruit salad to go with you smoothie. Whatever fruit you have on hand is good.

Clean eating is one of the layer of sacred living, remember our body is our temple. Personally I find that when I'm eating really clean not only do I feel better physically, I also feel better spiritually, my energy is brighter, it's easier for me to connect to Spirit and my own magical self.

Wishing you health and hap

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