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TRANSFORMATION: re-focus re-brand re-launch

It’s hard to be a polymath in this world of singular expectations. I feel like I have lived many lifetimes in this one life, reinventing and transforming myself over the years as I discovered new interests and followed my passions. From the outside I know it looked like I had no focus, that I couldn’t choose something and just stick with it. And believe me, there were definitely times when I wondered the same thing, beating myself up for my lack of focus.

As I got older, stepping more fully into my power, (and having a lot of life experiences that helped me heal and grow, I’ll share more about that another time), I learned to love and accept myself exactly as I am. There are as many paths as there are people and I’ve come to believe that if we allow ourselves to follow our hearts we will be able to live this life, embodying our soul’s fullest expression, which is ultimately why we’re here on this planet, in this human form, at this particular time.

I have come to know that my purpose in life is to help people discover theirs, and stand fully in their power. It feels good to own my purpose, to have focus, and be fully committed to it, because it took many years, and many paths to arrive at this place of knowing.

Having been raised a feral child with very little adult supervision and no guidance meant that I entered my early adulthood without a plan and really no direction. I used to lament this, thinking that if even one adult had taken interest, giving me just a little support and guidance, I could have avoided a lot of pain, mistakes, and what at times seemed like wrong turns. However, in hindsight I realize that this benign neglect afforded me the kind of freedom to pursue my passions that most people don’t allow themselves.

For years it looked like I would be a jack of all trades, master of none, but the endless hours spent reading, studying and pursuing any and all passions and creative endeavors that struck my fancy, has equaled that I have acquired a unique skill set and a very useful range of expertise in the areas of personal, spiritual and creative growth. I have a passion for learning and a gift for teaching, and helping people, especially women and girls, discover what lights them on fire and then teaching them how to keep that fire stoked, is exactly what lights me on fire.

I spent 2020 looking deep inside myself, getting really still and really honest, AND getting comfortable saying NO to what, deep down, I knew I didn’t want, and YES to what I’m truly called to. Committing myself to giving my YES my full attention has lead me here, to this new focus and to re-branding Art of Sacred Living as a wellness and sacred lifestyle business. It took me years to cultivate this clarity, but I have discovered that when one connects with their soul’s path everything becomes crystal clear, doubt dissolves, and the call to action is unavoidable.

I feel energized and SO excited to be sharing this journey with you! I have set the sacred intention to live my soul’s purpose, which means sharing my gifts of healing and heart, of inspiring and teaching, uplifting and expanding those around me.

If you’ve read this far I’m deeply honored and grateful. I’m so excited for this re-branding, re-launching, and to share my gifts with you. I hope to connect with you more, both online and in person. Sky’s the limit baby! I can’t wait to see the magic we create together!!!

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