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MANIFESTING Part 2 - what you think matters

Manifest (v) the act of bringing forth something from the imaginal world into the material world.

Most of us are raised to believe that magic is pretend, something that happens in stories or in the movies. I remember when my daughter was little, maybe six or seven, we were big fans of Harry Potter. A Harry Potter themed store opened in our area and I took her there to buy a wand. We were driving home and in the rearview mirror I could see her waving the wand around furiously with a look of concentration on her little face. After some time she loudly exclaimed ‘it’s broken!’. Wondering what she meant, I asked what exactly was broken, ‘my wand’ she said, ‘it doesn’t work’. I realized that she was trying to use that wand to preform magic like the witches in Harry Potter, I couldn’t help but laugh even though she was clearly very disappointed that her new wand didn’t work like it did in the books!

The truth is we are all magical beings and we do not need a wand to make magic happen, although who doesn’t love a beautiful wand?!

Manifesting is another word for magic, and the ways we go about manifesting are the spells we cast. I am a master manifester and I love to use a wide variety of methods (spells & rituals) to manifest what I desire. The Universe is infinitely powerful and it always says yes. So if you say, for example, I really want to find true love or the perfect job, but then your habitual thinking starts up with; I’m never going to find the perfect partner/job for me, I don’t deserve it, there’s no such thing as true love/perfect job, etc, etc... the Universe say yes to all those thoughts and therefore cancels out your initial intention. I focus on the what, not the how and leave the rest to Source. I have found that more than likely I don't know the best how, so instead I've honed my intuition to notice the clues and I take action when opportunities present themselves.

Recognizing and taking control of our habitual, random thinking is of paramount importance. There are likely many ways to do this, but my favorite and I think the fasted and most effective, is the Random Thought Log, a technique I developed and now use with my Sacred Living Coaching clients.

Humans have an estimated 80,000 thoughts per day, each one reinforcing an existing neuro pathway for better or worse. Our thoughts shape our beliefs and our beliefs shape our lives. If we don't learn to change our thinking we cannot hope to change our lives.

To give this method a try set the timer on your phone to go off every hour and then using the Notes app write down what you were thinking in that moment. Do this for one week and at the end of the week you will notice what your unconscious, habitual thinking is and how the patterns of your thoughts effect your life. With persistence we can literally reprogram our brains, creating new neuro pathways that are in alignment with the life we want to be living.

You can be, do and have whatever life you desire once you align yourself with your Soul’s purpose and the creative power of the Universe. All things are possible.

Never fear, even if you cannot immediately rid yourself of those pesky doubting thoughts, you can start with the ‘fake it till you make it’ approach using affirmations. In my next article we will explore the art and science of creating and using effective affirmations. Stay tuned.

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