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Do you know your Soul's Purpose?

I'm excited to share that after three intensive months I've completed my Soul Teacher training with Nikki Novo. I learned many new skills that I'm looking forward to sharing with you in the months to come, but for now, I think my biggest take away is about path and purpose. Connecting fully with my soul's purpose and aligning my path accordingly.

Finding my path, or perhaps more accurately, feeling confident that I'm on my right path, has been something I've struggled with my whole life. And I've noticed that I’m not alone in my struggle, this seems to the case many of us. The work we did in Soul Teacher has given me both the tools and the confidence to know that I'm living my soul's purpose, that I'm on my path, and I have to tell you it feels really, really good! To lean in and let go, to trust the timing and tap into the flow, it's brought an ease that has always eluded me. So how do we know what our soul's purpose is and how can we tell if we're on our path? For starters you will feel a sense of ease in your body and heart, things won't feel quite as hard or uncertain, and you will feel joyful. I think Joseph Campbell had it right when he said "follow your bliss". That may sound trite, we live in a culture that says we have to work hard and that struggle is the norm, being ‘busy’ is praised above almost all else. But what if that is a lie? What if that's just what we're programmed to believe and that actually we are meant to live fulfilling, joyous lives of ease and grace? Oh I don't mean that we’re meant to never experience difficulty or pain, of course these are part of the human experience, but what if that was the exception rather than the rule.

Now might be the time when the skeptics say ‘not everyone gets to have the career of their dreams’. Maybe not, but that doesn’t preclude connecting with our soul’s purpose and being on our soul’s path. Elizabeth Gilbert tells a wonderful story in her book Big Magic about a woman who was passionate about ice skating as a child and had unfulfilled Olympic dreams, who finds herself in middle life in the doldrums of a less than fulfilling life. Now she could have become jaded and resigned herself to an unfulfilling life but instead she decided to revisit her childhood passion and began getting up early to ice skate each day before going to the office. Was she going to become and Olympic skater? No, and that’s wasn’t the point. The point is ice skating brought her a deep sense of inner joy, it filled her up, and that’s all that matters. Are you living your joy? If the answer is yes then you’re on your soul’s path and good for you. If it’s no, then some exploration is in order. Your purpose is there waiting to be discovered.

Sometimes we need help connecting with our path and purpose, or to be validated that we are in fact on our soul’s path. This is what the Soul Teacher training did for me and it’s what I can now help others with. Sometimes we just need a little clarity and gentle guidance.

An intuitive clarity reading can provide you with insight and guide you towards your path, it sure did that for me. If you’re not sure about your soul’s purpose or if you’re on your soul’s path consider booking an intuitive clarity reading. It could change your life.

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