Bird Goddess

Bird Goddess


This altar was inspired by the groundbreaking archeological work of Marija Gimbutas, who uncovered a culture in which the Bird Goddess and the Snake Goddess, sometimes depicted individually but often together, were supreme. She is the Divine embodied in the feminine. 

Birds soaring high above the earth reaching for the heavens have long inspired humans as links to the divine realm. Birds fulfill various functions in world cultures and religions – from playing a central role in creation, to birth, to healing, to death; from messenger to trickster to oracle. Some birds are associated with shape shifting and transformation.

In the very ancient days, when humans had first learned how to sow, how to reap, and how to herd, the Bird Goddess was worshiped.  

It is my intention to bring attention to our ancient Goddess lineage in her many forms.

Handmade papier mâché altar

Approximate size 40”Wx42”Hx8”D

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