Free 2018 Magical Planner, my gift to you

Hello Beautiful Soul,

This is my first blog post from the new website. I've been using wordpress for the past few years so I've been feeling a bit daunted to switch platforms. Hopefully this shows up without a hitch.

It is my intention to get back in the saddle so to speak, to show up here more often with content that provides a little light and inspiration to those who find it.

Keeping this short but oh so sweet I offer you the

2018 Magical Planner

2018 Magical Planner.png

The Magical Planner is a beautiful way to close out the year and look forward with intention. This has been my ritual for the last eight or so years and it's had a tremendous impact on the quality and shape my life has taken.

Print it out, get a cup of tea, light a candle, burn some smudge and spend an hour or so of oh so luxurious uninterrupted alone time making a little magic for the new year.

I hope you find as much pleasure in this ritual as I do.

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