HELLO 2017 - I'm so excited to dive into you! + my WORD of the year

Hello beautiful Magic Maker,

While 2016 was a very good year for me I realize that on a larger scale it was a very painful year for many. If you're one to watch the news you would be hard pressed to find any good news. While I do think it's important to stay in touch with the wider world, I decidedly DO NOT watch television new (or TV for that matter). My criteria for ingesting 'news' is 1. does it have a direct impact on my life or those I love? And 2. can I do something about it, make even some small difference? If the answer is yes to either of those questions I will make the effort to inform myself and to take action.

While the wider world unfolds around me I believe that I have the power to create my reality. In fact I believe that we, collectively, are creating the world that we inhabit. It is for that reason I do my best to live with intention, to examine my life and look for ways to make it as rich and rewarding an experience as possible and to have a positive impact on our world. I believe that my Soul path on this visit to planet Earth is to help reawaken the divine feminine, and to REMEMBER. We all possess genetic memory and although it's not easily accessible, it is there and it is possible to tap into it.

It is for those reasons mentioned above that every year I spend time reflecting and planning...setting intentions. This year instead of unraveling the year ahead I decided to do some magical planning. I was thrilled to have created my own Magical Planner that I could share with you, I hope you downloaded your FREE copy. It's been very nurturing to spend time alone reflecting on 2016 and thinking about 2017.

I created a little sacred space on the floor in my living room, lighting candles and sage, making tea, getting out some markers and magazines, my favorite tarot cards, the Wild Unknown, and of course my journal.


I was having trouble deciding on a WORD OF THE YEAR. Last year I knew what my word would be in November. This year...well I just didn't know. That is until I sat down with sacred intention and my journal. Once I asked for guidance and put pen to paper it came to me. MAGIC. That's it, magic. It feels so right and I'm very excited to experience all the magic the year will have to offer.


Next I drew 12 cards, one for each month, and while I do not use the tarot for divination, but rather for honing my own intuition, it looks like 2017 may be another wild ride. Bring it on baby!


Using this process for guidance and to create intentions has had a very powerful impact on my life. I have honed my ability to recognize my intuition as a reliable friend and guide, and I have created powerful energy for manifesting. This year I intend to explore the magical world in more depth and to open myself to remembering ancient knowledge locked in the recesses of my psyche.

Of course I have more mundane intentions too. Launching Art of Sacred Living website, exploring ceramics, I'm all signed up for a class at Otis College of Art and Design. Creating more opportunities for gathering with my tribe, Goddess Book Club, and Magical Manifesting. I'm committed to another ten months of Red Moon Mystery School priestess training. And there's Whidbey Island... A major manifesting accomplishment from 2016 (bowing to the ground in gratitude!).orchard-lot

There is still much work to be done. It is my ambition to develop the land into a sacred gathering space that I can SHARE WITH YOU in the form of Sacred Woman Retreats. Finally I plan to create lots of opportunities to come together in meaningful ways with you here and maybe even in person.

I would love to hear how you closed out 2016 and what interesting things you have planned for 2017.

Sending all of my love and wishing you a very magical year,