Looking back at Summer: friends, family and finding your happy place

Hello magic maker, I had wanted to share a month at a time, leisurely making my way through 2016 but dogonit the time just slips away from me. And I guess that's the whole point of this photo collage process I'm exploring (two months at a time here:). This is really helping me look back on all that happened. I realize that even though it's sometimes hard to remember what I accomplished or even what I did, the fact is that the year was filled with rich experiences and yes I do live a life I truly love. (Happy sigh)



My summer started off with a bang and the entire month of June was consumed with a landscaping project for a friend. I designed, hired a crew and over saw a major transformation. When we bought our house a few years back I had a definite vision for transforming the sad, thirsty yard into a sanctuary for both my family and wildlife. (I was going to share a link with pictures but I've been so MIA here over the past couple of years ((Wow!)) that I don't find one...) Anyway, our yard is magical and people regularly ask me to help them with theirs. Normally I say no because it's not only a lot of work to create, but requires a certain amount of love to maintain. A mow and blow gardner is a sure way to watch all that hard work ruined, so the recipient must be committed to putting the love in with their own hands. For this friend I said yes and the project turned out beautiful.

Other happenings: My beautiful step daughter graduated from college, my own daughter was denouncing Trump, my BFF came to join the June Moon Lodge. Unfortunately I was sick for the visit so no Moon Lodge, but there was some lovely lounging together. I also made a quick visit to my grandma.



Whidbey Island!!!

I love EVERYTHING about our summer visits to the island. We had such a beautiful time, family, friends, walks on the tide flats, inspecting our new property (Yay!!!), and I hosted Moon Lodge for my Seattle peeps and our daughters. So much fun!

It's always with a little sadness that I leave my happy place...goodbyewhidbey

We headed back to LA and even if it's a bit sad to leave it is always nice to come home.

Are you spending any time saying good bye to 2016? I would love to hear about your end of the year rituals.

With love,