Endless possibilities...

Hello Beautiful Friend,

Much is swirling around me and yet I feel a quality of stillness (most of the time) that I haven't felt in years. It's not so much a place of knowing as much as a place of remembering.


Since the last Full Moon I have renewed my journey in ernest that I had set aside for the past few years. There is a peace in knowing ones purpose and an ecstasy in granting yourself the freedom to pursue it. Each day there is new discoveries and the possibilities unfurl around me. I sometime have difficulty deciphering the best options.

I am passionate about gathering women in community, creating sacred space, bringing ritual and ceremony into my life and to those who crave it. While this is something that I love and that I've done my entire adult life, I'm at a place now where I want to gather with intention and purpose, with a quality of the sacred. At this I'm a beginner. I didn't grow up exposed to ritual or around anyone who honored the divine feminine so I have to find my way now. With this in mind I am exploring the possibilities before me.

My truth is that we are all divine beings which house everything we need to know within ourselves. We forget though so we often need help remembering. There are many ways to remember, accessing our intuition, having loving and generous teachers (these can be books or other tools as well as people), to spending time in nature, etc.

I am blessed to have many wise women in my life and each one of them has valuable lessons to share and advise to impart. Through one such  wise woman I discovered Jamie Sams' Sacred Path cards, which I have been using as a source of guidance.

To be honest I use to think tarot and such similar tools were a bunch of mumbo jumbo. I thought that when one had a reading the reader was predicting their future or some such thing. What I've come to realize is that these type of cards are powerful tools for exercising ones own intuition, which I believe is our connection to that all knowing Source within each of us. If you are able to get still enough you know this to be a truth.

I had a very interesting experience today. I'm in such an open space right now that many opportunities/possibilities are crossing my path. It's hard to know or decide which is the right or best choice for now. I want to build on my knowledge so that I am able to be more of service.

[Let me preface this with I am a very ordinary person, not mystical in any way, not a follower of any specific ideology or religion, just a regular girl with an open mind, seeking Truth and beauty.]

As I was debating the options in my mind I decided to get still, burn a little sage, and consult the Sacred Path cards. I have to say that every time I do that I'm amazed at the message I receive. The card I pulled was Storyteller, 'Expansion' is the message, and from the instant I pulled that card I felt reassured that I'm on the right path and it's insight has helped me decide which course of action is required to further my goals.


Sometimes it's hard to stay on course, I've had the habit of veering all over the map (focus is not my strong suit!), and these little cards have become a valued friend, helping me to stay focused, to stay the course.

What are your dreams right now? Have you ever explored tarot or Native American Medicine?

Here are some of my most recent discoveries that might inspire you to explore your interior a little deeper:

Jamie Sams, check out the Sacred Path cards, the Medicine deck, 13 Original Clan Mothers, and Dancing the Dream. *The Sacred Path cards are my favorite right now.

The Wild Unknown, I picked these up because they are so beautiful. Each card is a hand drawn piece of art.The Wild Unknown Tarot

Doreen Virtue's Angel tarot. I like these because there is no darkness to them. While they follow the tradition of the tarot she has changed the suits to the elements, which I love, fire, air, earth, water. This is a very easy to read deck with an insight on each card as well as a guide book.AngelTarotCards

I am filled with gratitude to have you as a part of my community, and I hope you are finding joy in your journey.

Sending you so much love and blessings of love + light,