Magic under the Full Harvest Moon

Hello Beauty, Wow, what a Full Moon! Did you have the chance to see the lunar eclipse? Magical!

I gathered with a beautiful tribe of magical women last night and we celebrated the Full Harvest Moon in a Dreamboard Circle.


Last months Dreamboard was so powerful for me, a switch in direction, it's message very profound and I loved it so much I was having a hard time connecting with my new board last night. At first it didn't feel like it was living up to last months. Here's where the magic of creating intuitively comes in; as I was finishing up pasting words on wham! I got a clear message.

It was a crazy experience actually because I always intuit a subtle message from my Dreamboards, hints as to the direction to head in. Last night however the message was point blank clear. I've been connecting with Native American Medicine lately and using Jamie Sams' Sacred Path Cards for self exploration so when I came across the woman wearing the Warbonnet with the baby I ripped it out. The baby was bugging me though, I'm not sure why... In any case I decided to include the image and when I pasted the word COURAGE on I realized the baby was me! The woman wearing the Warbonnet symbolized a wise Chief who will nurture and protect me, and help me have the courage to keep moving forward in the direction of my dream. This is significant because I've been feeling fearful of moving forward with my plans and the symbolism of a powerful protector was a clear sign that I'm on my correct path. 

"The Warbonnet was the symbol of a Chief, a Warrior whose counsel was sought because his wisdom was recognized by others; he had come to terms with his Personal Medicine." "Every Chief who had acquired enough feathers for a Warbonnet had demonstrated certain qualities as a role model for the People. Warbonnet Chiefs were the strength of the People" Jamie Sams Sacred Path Cards.

Moving on: I love this image. We will definitely be making feather crowns at the summer retreat.IMG_4197

There were so many of us we had to gather in the house instead of the studio. My lovely and patient husband relinquished the house to the ladies for the evening.IMG_4181


One of the ladies brought me this beautiful gift of wood and herbs. I'm going to use some of it for the YES workshop attendee gifts.IMG_4193

In closing I am so grateful for all the amazing women I am blessed to have in my life. I am including you in this gratitude. Thank you for being a part of my online circle of friends.

Blessings of love and light,