Eat well live long

Hello gorgeous,

I have been interested in eating healthy since I was a teenager (although as a kid I ate TONS of candy and crap!). I credit growing up on a farm with a fabulous garden and happy healthy livestock and interestingly my Dad. I think most people get their eating habits from their mothers but my Dad was always something of a health nut. I think he would credit his mom, who is, at 96, still in fabulous health, likely because she always ate a healthy whole food diet and exercises regularly to this day.

When I became pregnant my interest in nutrition intensified. I wanted my baby to have the best start possible. I read Super Baby Food and that's where I truly began to learn that we are what we eat. As a consequence I made all of my daughter's food and for many years she was an absolutely fabulous eater.

My food journey is ever evolving. I love to read so I've continued to expand on my knowledge of nutrition through books. In addition I've been bless to have a best friend, a soul mate really, who always seems to be on the same path as me. She has become a bonafide nutrition expert over the years and is a true artist in the kitchen.

Earlier this month while visiting above mentioned BFF I picked up this cookbook at my favorite bookstore, Eliot Bay Book Company.Cookbook

Honestly this is the BEST cookbook I've ever seen!!! I now consider it my bible. Not only are the recipes great it's full of helpful nutritional information.

All the recipes I've tried so far have been super easy and super yummy. I am recommitted to forcing my nutritional will on my family.

As I mentioned I aspire to eat healthy and to me that means a mostly plant based diet with TONS of veggies, gluten free, very little dairy, and no processed food. Living in a blended family this can really be difficult. And admittedly it can be frustrating. Having raised my daughter to have incredibly healthy eating habits only to see those habits be undone by exposure to my very picky husband and stepson has been challenging.

None the less I am determined to bring them all around.

For example I tried this delicious recipe.IMG_3532

I have always hated beets but I try to revisit them from time to time because they are so incredibly nutritious. They purify the blood; build red blood cells; improve circulation; treat liver ailments; and are rich in silicon, calcium, and iron.

I cannot say enough about this yummy recipe. Everyone ate them and they store well in the fridge for a couple of days and make an easy snack or lunch. Go HERE for the recipe.

I even made the Tzatziki to go with them, super easy, super yummy.IMG_3859 IMG_3860 IMG_3862

Moving towards my goal of NO processed food I decided to try the homemade almond milk recipe. Again success, and let me tell you that doesn't happen every time I step into the kitchen.IMG_3855 IMG_3856 IMG_3863


I plan to work my way through the entire book and with any luck I will share the recipes I love the most with you here. Also I highly recommend that you buy the book.