Distraction - Beliefs - Being

As I regroup from another round of house guests I decided to revisit some old posts from my Visionary Life Consulting days for inspiration. The following post is from six years ago,  I was doing some really great work back then and I'm really excited to be working again!

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Distraction - Beliefs - Being

I found myself in a state of utter distraction today. I must say it is not the most comfortable state of being. Finally at the end of a long day, for which I was barely present, I decided to turn my focus inward and meditated for a half an hour or so.

Meditation is a soothing balm; I was able calm my mind and re-center myself. I had a realization concerning a friend, with whom my entire being was focused on today, at it was this: My friend, if I understand correctly, longs for her old self, her confident, creative self, the self she imagines she’s lost and has to recover.

My realization in meditation was this: We are ultimately one with Divine Consciousness whether or not we are aware of it. One can never truly loose oneself, we simply Are. Yet we are tethered by beliefs.

What is a belief? A belief is an idea we hold to be true based on our experiences.

I had this clear and simple realization as I was cleaning my kitchen after my soothing meditation and eating the delicious cherry tomatoes that were still out from dinner. I didn’t use to like tomatoes. I believed I didn’t like them and therefore would reject any offer of them. I believed I didn’t like them based on my experience of eating tomatoes that didn’t taste good as a child, the ones that are bred for looks and have no flavor. Yet on a trip to Greece some years ago I had the opportunity to eat some delicious tomatoes, the flavor of which I never could have imagined based on my belief that tomatoes were disgusting and had a weird texture.

So there we have it. As the human condition seems to dictate, the simple truth that our beliefs are nothing more than imprints base on our experiences is hard to accept. It becomes difficult to extricate ourselves from our beliefs and we become imprisoned by them, our reality utterly reflecting them.

“Reality is merely an illusion, albeit a very persistent one” – Albert Einstein 

We must develop practices that cultivate a strong sense of the Divine within ourselves, and understand that we are ultimately one with all that is, with the Creative Energy of the Universe, with Divine Consciousness, with Goddess, God, that we are spiritual beings here having a human experience and not the other way around. And that we in our highest state of being are perfect as we are.