Painting was my first love... it still moves my soul.

This was a fabulous fundraiser event hosted by ART FOR A BETTER WORLD, which I founded almost a decade ago. I have always been interested in empowering women and girls and look forward to continuing to work for causes that are meaningful to me and partnering with amazing organizations.


The YES Project began with this painting, which I started at a very dark time in my life. A time when I was used my journal as a means of connecting with my higher self. The words hope, dream, love, believe, beauty, peace, forgiveness... soothed me and shone a light on the path. Little did I know when I was writing those words in my journal that they would truly lead the way to a new life and a fun and inspiring project that I was able to share with others.

In 2010 I said yes to myself and to making big changes in my life that supported what I deeply (and secretly for many years) desired. The more I said YES the more amazing experiences I had. 


I became interested in who else was following their dreams and living life on their own terms.  It was that interest that inspired me to create an interactive and collaborative project of some kind. 


I got the idea from rituals such as the Japanese tradition of leaving notes in wishing trees and the Western Wall in Jerusalem. I decided to ask people to write their wish, what they (you) want to say YES to, on a canvas strip to be hung on a wire.

I love the idea of spreading the spirit of YES and collaboration. This became an installation project that debuted at the Santa Monica Art Walk and later was installed at Lightning in a Bottle.


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