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Magical Planner

We are living in unprecedented times and now more than ever we need to harness the power of intention to create lives we love, not just for ourselves, but also setting the intention to shine our light into the world for the betterment of all. When we set the intention to live to our highest potential we bring transformation to our own lives and also to the world around us, shinning a light for others to follow. 

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The Power of Intention

The journey of transformation begins within, interior exploration is required in order to affect the changes we desire for our lives both within and without.


There are many elements and layers to the Art of Sacred Living, for our purposes here we’re going to focus on the art of intentional living through the vehicle of Magical Planning.


Magical Planning is the alchemy of imagining + action. Within these pages are tools, techniques and rituals for unearthing your dreams and bringing magic to your daily life and out into the world.

Download your 2022 Magical Planner here 

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